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Stoke Parent Carers Champions for Change
is a Parent Carer Forum for Stoke-on-Trent.

Parent Carer Forums are part of the SEND code of practice 2015 which states “Parent Carer Forums are representative local groups of parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities who work alongside local authorities, education, health and other service providers to ensure the services they plan, commission, deliver and monitor meet the needs of children and families”

Stoke Parent Carers Champions For Change is a ‘Parent Carer Forum’ for Stoke on Trent.

‘Parents’ or ‘parent carers’ is an inclusive term which encompasses parents, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents or anyone with parental responsibility caring for a disabled child.

‘Disabled children’ is an inclusive term which encompasses children and young people with a disability, long term health condition and children with additional or special educational needs.

‘Stoke Parent Carers – Champions for Change’ is an independent group of parent carer representatives, who work to enhance not replace the voices of parent carers in local, regional and national spaces, working as champions for change. 


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