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Information from Action for Children:

Trancakes: Support for young people

Celebrated throughout June, Pride Month is a time to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities, reflect on progress made, and raise awareness for what still needs to be done to achieve inclusion and equality.

All children and young people deserve to explore their gender in supportive environments. But not all have somewhere where they can do this, or where they feel like they fit in.

Action for Children is home to Transcakes, an inspirational group for young people aged 13-19, that is paving the way for brighter futures for trans, non-binary and gender-questioning young people.

The group was originally formed to help young people with any issues they faced, but it soon became apparent that something even simpler was needed.

“The young people just wanted a safe space where they could be themselves with other trans and non-binary people,” said Ness, who helps run Transcakes. For young people, this group is a place where they can comfortably and openly explore their gender identity.

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