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Posted on behalf of PEGiS

This 1.5-hour virtual session is designed for anyone with an interest in the neurological condition of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It provides more awareness of the triad of impairment of autism as well as some of the co-existing medical conditions that may exist alongside ASD. It’s an excellent workshop and is fully supported and commissioned by NHS along with many other agencies.

It’s casual and informal but it is very very informative so please don’t get put off. We are all here to learn.

It’s open to all employees and the wider community.

Local voluntary groups would really benefit from the increased awareness this session will provide and will make a big difference by becoming aware of the barriers autistic people face. It will also encourage learners to consider the best approaches to communicating with autistic people and their families.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Please book a place and between us all, we can make a huge difference.

Session dates:

To reserve a place email [email protected] stating your name, the date you wish to attend, and your role.




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