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Posted on behalf of North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare:

A new online facility for people seeking support and advice for their mental wellbeing has been launched by North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

The All Age Wellbeing Portal empowers and enables the self-management of mental wellbeing for its users, whilst providing relevant information, guidance and support from the Trust and other partner organisations. It can be accessed by anyone, and they do not need to be service users of the Trust.

“Combined Healthcare’s vision has always been to be Digital by Choice. The Portal is the next step in our digital transformation work at the Trust, designed to revolutionise care for people of all ages,” said Lesley Birkin, Head of Digital Transformation, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.

The new All Age Wellbeing Portal is full of advice and support on a range of topics including: Coping Skills; Reducing Alcohol Intake; Gaming and Gambling; Hearing and Seeing Things Others Don’t; How Physical Health Impacts On Mental Health and Wellbeing; Eating Problems; Sleep Health; Body Image, and much more.

Check it out here 


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