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PEGIS in the park 2023

PEGiS is built by parents for parents to help parents around special educational needs or disabilities. It’s completely voluntary and nobody takes a wage. It’s a fully inclusive community where everybody helps each other. Nobody is left behind and together we thrive. It’s a support group/forum that deals with local matters trying to ensure we make it better for everybody.

Seven years ago, PEGiS in the park was born. It started with two PEGiS board members sitting in a parkwithin the communitywelcoming familiesintothe park. The aim was to stop insolation, offer parent-to-parent support and coping strategies to help each other and of course bring our children and young people together to become friends and enjoy the summer break. As parents, we had also experienced the reality of the holidays and it’s extremely hard. Resilience is a word that is used so many times by professionals it means the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties. For so many families who have children with special educational needs being resilient is hard because they don’t have the ability to recover from difficulties to repair and recover and families can only become resilient if they have time to recover.

Read the full PEGIS in the Park report here. 


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