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Learn more about Autism, ADHD and co-occurring conditions. These sessions are FREE and may help you deal with issues that
come along in your life or caring role. Sessions are for one and half hours on zoom and include a Q&A session.

These sessions are a series of six, each focussing on a different topic:

  1. How difficult it can be for the person on the spectrum to express what is wrong, and how they can best help: Tuesday 10th January 23, 1 – 2.30 pm
  2. Help in dealing with professionals, and getting your point across: Thursday 19th January, 1 – 2.30 pm
  3. Filling in PIP Forms: Monday 23rd January, 1 – 2.30 pm
  4. Developing Strategies: Tuesday 7th February, 6 – 7.30pm
  5. Filling in PIP Forms: Monday 13th February, 1 – 2.30 pm
  6. Developing Strategies: Thursday 16th February, 1 – 2.30 pm

To book a place, please email [email protected] or call 01782615222 / 07450002289 to find out more.


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